'Tis the Season to be Giving

So far, so good with our "Self on the Shelf" Giving Elves that I started this year (albeit a bit late in the month).

I forgot to put them out on Sunday, and figured that they needed a "day of rest" and thankfully, the kids bought it.

I have had a lot of moments of wracking my brain right before bed for the next day's tableau or worse, bolting out of bed just as I was headed towards Dreamville. A couple of mornings, my jet lag has come in handy -- giving me ample time to plot and photograph something for that morning.

We seem to have picked up steam too and the kids actually are looking forward to each morning to see what the Giving Elves, Joy and Noel are up to.

Here are the latest ones we have done (see previous posts for the inaugural and second day tableaus.) You can follow each day's tableau on my Mosaic Momma FB page.

Give your time and energy to help clean up around the house or someone else's house.

Spread Christmas joy and cheer by decorating our tree and helping someone else do the same.

Collect or buy canned food items and donate them to a local shelter or family in need.

Give some thought into what you want to give to others rather than just what you want to receive.

Give a family member a foot or back rub.

Visit and offer your time to a sick friend or family member. Bring soup if possible!

And for today's...I actually have to admit to not doing before I had to leave to take one daughter to an appointment. I woke up feeling crummy with a cold, so I didn't even have it on my radar. The kids understood and when we got home, my eldest actually helped me come up with this one and put it together (which I confess to loving). I also got to use two items from Tanzania that made my heart happy too!

We even worked together to make a repair on Joy's nose -- which you can see in the photo above was almost completely sneezed off from his cold. A little hot glue fixed that right up.

The kids have been so sweet after setting this up and have brought me orange juice and tissues and are convincing me that we need to put off school for today for some mommy snuggle couch time.

I'm convinced.

Happy "Self on the Shelf" to you. I would love to see/hear your ideas and photos! Feel free to post on my FB page!

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