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Take Courage

It's Tuesday, so that means that I was once again thrust in a cauldron of emotion watching our current Beth Moore study on Esther ( Esther: It's Tough Being a Woman ). Today was about bravery . It's pretty much to the point where my spirit is so raw and tender that when she starts to speak on the DVD, tears start welling. I'm utterly amazed that this study would cut through the marrow of my being and pierce straight into my very heart. (Although I really shouldn't be...) Coupled with a new worship CD that I've had on 24/7, I'm pretty much a blubbering mess these days (in a good way.) And it was no exception that today's study was so significantly deep for me. I find myself alternating between thinking, "this is so good. It's exactly what I needed to hear!" to " I wish ________ could watch this's so good!"  How wonderful it is when God uses written words, spoken thoughts, music and his own Word and voice