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The Beauty of the Background

Photo Credit: Into the Blue - created by planetshu We live in a society that is obsessed with fame and recognition. People work so hard to be front and center. -- to be seen and noticed. To feel like they matter. That they have accomplished something significant. That they will be remembered when they're gone. We celebrate great talent. We admire top atheletes, musicians, actors and singers. We watch reality shows that wittle down the best to the very best of the best and then we hold them aloft as demi-gods of art. But what happens when you're not a star and you're not front and center. What if you are not even among the "best." What if you are merely "talented," but not "extremely gifted." What then?  Is there even a place for someone who is good, but maybe not great? These are questions I've wrestled with my entire life -- in many areas, but most of all, with singing. There has never been a time in my life that I cannot remem