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Dream Saga Series: Your Dream Is Being Fulfilled....and Then You Freak Out

It's been quiet here lately. I have thought many, many times about posting something. But I couldn't get myself to sit down and put my fingers to keys. You dream is coming true. And I've been freaking out. And not in the happy, click your heels kind of way. Well...maybe more accurately, it's equal parts that and equal parts sheer terror. My. Dream. Is. Coming. True. I can hardly bear to type it. The weight of it crushes yet also expands my heart. That thing that I've held in my hand and then released. The thing I've prayed over, wept over, petitioned God for and let go again. It's here. It's before me and I have been not quite sure what to do with it. If you have been following along with my Dream Saga Series , then you have read about a dream that I have had for my family to have breadth and space and peace and rest and critters and places to explore. We've almost sold our house -- we are merely days away from