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Show Me Your I.D.

It is apparent to me that the Church is going through an identity crisis of epic proportion -- both as an institution and as a group of believers. I'll save the former for another blog post because in this post, I'd like to dialogue about the identity crisis of the latter. As mentioned in recent posts, I have been going through my own personal identity crisis and wilderness experience, which I have started  writing about  and will continue to write about. In the last few years, I have wrestled with how to address and give voice to the warning flags I feel compelled to raise, yet not lecture or alienate people whom I deeply love and with whom I have relationship. And so I have stayed quiet for the most least publicly. After receiving a fair amount of push back for speaking out, I retreated inward and saved these conversations with my trusted few and Twitter. To be honest, it's felt lonely at times because I have not heard a lot of other voices speaking