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On Being Complicit

I have been thinking a lot recently about the word, "complicit."

Our current news cycle is filled with the uncovering of the abuse of power across many different institutions from USA Gymnastics, US politics, and evangelical mega denominations.

Most people, however, will never experience abuse at this level. Instead, many of us will experience it in our local gym, at our county chambers, or in our local church.

Those of us who have been abused and are still reeling and healing from it often try to make sense out of how it happened. We ask ourselves why. Why me? Did I do something? Why them? Is there something damaged inside of him or her?

It is rare that abuse happens in a vacuum and it is rare that we are the first to suffer at the hands of an abuser. It is also rare for the abuser to act alone. In almost every occurrence, there are those who may not be directly involved but are complicit in the abuse.

One of the definitions of complicit is "involved with others in il…

Taking the Proverbial Cake


Why do I do it? 
Why do I even bother to click on these news stories of old white dude after old white dude saying stupid word salad about something they know nothing about.
I think perhaps I dare to hope that one of them will surprise me and have a heart and a conscience and speak out on the side of women who tell their stories of sexual assault.
Not surprisingly, the article I just read was more of the same sewage many a white dude-bro compatriot has been trotting out, including Franklin Graham’s gem from last week.
This one takes the proverbial cake.  However, it’s a cake made out of crap.
take the cake To be the worst in a series of negative actions.
Here is the article -- in all of its hair-pulling entirety -- should you enjoy eating crap cake or are just curious as to how far mankind has sunk. (Spoiler alert: it’s really low.)
Kevin Cramer is a Congressman in the House of Representatives for North Dakota. He announced in January this year that he would not be seeking to run …

Dear's not me. It's You.

Dear America,

I have heard many people refer to you as the Land of Opportunity.

Today, I have an amazing opportunity to share with you. I wish I could say it's a once in a lifetime deal, but you've been down this road before.

Take a deep breath and a giant step back and look at the state of our Country. We are hanging on to our cultural integrity by the slimmest of threads. Lady Liberty's gown is showing some serious tatters as she tries to use her torch to light our way through this mess.

The opportunity is one that you've had before over the centuries.. However, time and again you have refused to acknowledge and change. So, as with most things of this nature, opportunity has once again presented herself.

And once again, you have the opportunity to make a different choice.

Here it is...don't miss it.

Are women who allege sexual assault worthy of your belief and trust?
No, don't frame it within the current political morass of the Kavanaugh appointment to the Su…

White-washed & Empty

Tonight I feel ill.
I just walked in the door from a long day spent away from home. The kids were a bit crazy. My head was already starting to pound.
And then I opened up Facebook.
And my vision went Red.
Post after post in my feed was about Franklin Graham's latest "profound comments" on the political and culture landscape of our country. The headlines under the last post I scrolled by had me gasping in disbelief.
"Franklin Graham on Judge Kavanaugh Accusation: 'Not Relevant' "
Surprising even myself, I chose to click on the news article from CBN (Christian Broadcasting Network), a conservative Christian news site that normally I would steer away from to get a bit more objectivity. 
You can image my shock when I realized that the writer, Heather Sells, was not playing in her scathing recounting of Graham's disgusting and tone-deaf comments regarding the Kavanaugh sexual assault allegations. (We Heathers aren't here to mess around, by the way.)