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WWJD on Facebook and His Blog

Once again, I have been very delinquent in my posts. I just haven't had the time or energy to sit down and let the words flow (and this seems to be a reoccuring theme lately). But I miss it, and I find that I seem to "function better" when I have the release of words flowing in my life on an ongoing basis.

Although, just because I am not letting them flow, it doesn't mean that I don't have them brewing up in my brain. They just keep on growing and growing, and finally, it is a bit of a release to allow them to jumble on out and then form up with precision on the page or screen. It brings that order to my jumbled mind -- somewhat similiarly to the way I process through talking or conversing.

Some people (like my husband, Rylie) carefully mull over their thoughts and feelings and when they feel like they have it just right in their head, they are ready to share it with the world. Not me. Many times, I find that as I speak it, I realize that it's what I truly t…

Beautiful Ambivalence

I have always been amazed at the power of words. They truly have the power to build up or tear down -- to bless, or to curse. Changing even one word in a phrase or sentence can completely alter its meaning. I just love exploring the English language.

Learning the definition of a new word and inserting it into the cannon of my vocabulary makes my day. And, for some reason, memorizing and retaining vocabulary has always come easy for me. I think it has something to do with the amount and variety of reading I did as a child. We did not own a television until I was nine. And I'm convinced that not having one was a catalyst to immerse myself in new lands, dreamed worlds and childhood wonders.

As a direct result of all that voracious reading, I intuitively understood the general meaning of larger vocabulary words because I could deduce it from their context. While I couldn't give you the Webster's definition, I could give you an approximate definition.

My love of wordsmithery…

The Profound Joy of Contentment

Well, it's been a crazy couple of weeks. We've been on two separate vacations, creating mountains of laundry and things that haven't been fully put away yet. In between that, I have helped my friend start and launch a cake business (I'm a part owner) and there has been untold hours of work that I've put in...long days and long the midst of those vacations and other obligations. In addition, my husband starts back to work tomorrow (he's a teacher) and I have a week of the kids on my own before school starts back up for them. Simply put, there is still much to be done and I'm exhausted.

I have had to let some things fall by the wayside: I have not updated my blog in forever; I have totally neglected to post any bargains or deals, nor have I had the energy, time or inclination to scout them out; My house is a whirlwind of disastrous proportions; My intent of learning how to play my guitar has remained an intention.

And, I've been so worn out a…

Beat the Drum Anyway

I always look forward to getting the mail for the day. Unfortunately, so do my children. So, if I'm not quick enough, I have to patiently watch them wrench it from the drop box that goes into our house -- wincing as precious mail gets crushed and torn. After I allow them some obligatory junk mail pieces to open, then it's Momma Mail Time!

I love the mail. I also love email. It's probably because I love writing and the written word. However, email will never take the place of a hand-written letter or card -- which are sadly becoming a rarity....but that's another blog post.

So today was no different. Somehow, the mail escaped unnoticed and unscathed from my children's attentions. However, pickin's were slim. A circular ad, a credit card agreement change and then one piece I didn't recognize. At first glance, I was ready to toss it. It listed me with my maiden name and then married name. The only place I have anything listed like that is on Facebook (all you…

Soul Touch

I've been reflecting on...well more like marinating in the memory of an amazing weekend I recently spent with some kindred spirits in Milwaukee.

We gathered together for a banner event -- the wedding of our mutual beloved friend, Krista. While this wedding was much anticipated, I know Krista won't be offended or surprised to hear that the time our group of friends would be spending together was just as eagerly anticipated.

These people are forever ingrained upon the pages of my life. We worked, lived and breathed together in Brussels, Belgium, where we all worked for a variety of Christian missions organizations that were all housed in the same buildings. I had the pleasure of getting to work with several of them, and even got to be roomies with a couple of the girls. But the bonds went deeper than that.

There's nothing like leaving everything you know and are familiar with to live in a foreign country that speaks not one, but two different languages other than your moth…

Adventures in Meat Grinding

With fingers trembling in anticipation, I folded back the lid of the smallish box and pulled out the current object of my obsession. So smooth...such shiny glinting metallic accents.

Ever since I had seen one of these beauties online, I knew I needed to make one mine.  And now...the dream had finally come true.

I eagerly tried it on....a perfect it was made for it to be there.

And then...I turned it on and smashed a whole bunch of glistening beef down it's gullet.'s true...I finally tried out my grinder attachment for Mabel, my "majestic yellow" KitchenAid Stand Mixer.  It was a red-letter moment for me and the fam.

And now...that moment was finally here. After much debating and doing a quick research of the product reviews on Amazon on the fly at Costco in front of the meat section, I selected my cut of beef: Beef Round Eye Round. (Don't ask me why the word "round" has to be in there twice...I will be demonstrating my com…

Sacred Community

Whatever you may call it, and however it may look to you, I believe that a sacred community is vital to making it through this life.

In fact, for me it's crucial to my very existence. Spending quality time with my sacred community restores my spirit like a nice Venti Passion Tea from Starbucks quenches my thirst on a hot summer day.

I think we all understand the word community. I would define it as the people with whom I surround myself with. This can vary from your work place, your church, your running team (Go, Team Run Your Race!), or a group of young moms.

However, when you add in the word, "sacred," something changes. It kicks things up to another level. And, just so you know, I'm using the " regarded with reverence" definition of sacred.

I'm sure we've all experienced this notion of sacred community.

Maybe you've sat down with a co-worker in the lunch room sharing about your favorite vacation spots, when all of a sudden, you're bond…

Back to Basics....Revisited

So, I thought I'd give an update to my lengthy post a few months back about the state of food in our country that I entitled Back to Basics. I'm happy to report some good changes in our house -- although we are not 100% there yet. All progress is good, right?
One of the first things I have done is put my KitchenAid stand mixer (She's a 5-Quart Artisan in "Majestic Yellow" that I have named Mabel) to use in making fresh and homemade white bread. I'm happy to report that not only was it not terribly difficult, it was a great bonding opportunity with my 5-year-old. The family gave the bread rave reviews and had thirds.
Mmmm...warm bread. I'm not sure of the cost ratio between homemade and store bought, but if you matched it in terms of quality ingredients, then I believe I came out ahead. You can't compare what I made to Wonder Bread, after all.

Today was my first day attempting wheat bread and again...not terribly difficult and mu…

Old Friends are the Best Friends

I've heard it said that "old friends are the best friends."  When I was younger, I thought it meant that your best friends would naturally be your oldest friends. And, while that might be true for some folks, it's not always the truth for all.  Now that I'm older and have more perspective, I think I finally understand what that adage means.

The friends that you have had for years and years and maybe even decades and decades are some of the sweetest friendships. It's not necessarily because of all the accrued time that you have logged together (although that might be it), rather it's the span of time you've shared over your two prospective lifetimes.

I know I'm not the only 30-something person who feels like high school was just a few years ago. It's only when I actually start mentally counting up from my graduation year (1991) that I am shocked to discover that so many years have actually gone by! Almost 20! How did that even happen? Of cours…

Thrift, Thrifting Away...

So, I've been couponing, rebating and penny-pinching for a few months now and I thought I would take some time to reflect on how things have gone since I started down the path of "thrifting."

My biggest concerns when I started down this road were: 1.) it would take up too much time; 2.) I would end up spending more money to save money.

So, how have I done?

1.) I don't find that it takes up too much of my time. However, to be fair, I suppose you'd have to ask my husband and children. Yes, I do park my kids in front of Playhouse Disney from time to time so that I can print, clip and scour for deals. But, I estimate that I spend only about 1/2 an hour a day doing this. Admittedly, it is a bit longer when I add in putting it on my Deals Page. But, this is for all my readers (you know...all 5 of you), so how could I count that? 

Actually...let me just admit that I kinda enjoy it. It makes me feel like I have a grown-up job and that I'm being helpful. (If that…


The English language has many words that are swollen with meaning. And the word "breach" is one of them that strikes terror in my heart every time I hear it.

Picture're sitting in a darkened theater. The music pounds ominously. The actors are just barely safe on the other side of the retaining wall. And then....all of a sudden...someone says the words that send shivers up your spine, letting you know that all may be lost:

"We have a breach!!"

A breach is never good. Usually cities are flooded. Aliens come pouring in, or worse, the Titanic sinks. Just take a look at the word's definition:


1. the act or a result of breaking; break or rupture.
2. an infraction or violation, as of a law, trust, faith, or promise.
3. a gap made in a wall, fortification, line of soldiers, etc.; rift; fissure.
4. a severance of friendly relations.
5. Obsolete. wound.

Do you see what I'm saying?  Really...look at all these terribly descriptive words:


The Fame

I have to admit something...I'm still struggling with this whole blogging thing.

I started Mosaic Momma because I was inspired to jump into blogging by a friend (Launa) who had started one. I had been looking for a creative outlet for myself, frustrated English major that I am, and thought perhaps that being able to have a space to write my thoughts might be intriguing. However, I must admit that I went back and forth a bit before signing up. Why? Well, as much as I wanted to put my creative thoughts "out there," there was also a part of me that was thinking, "am I sure this is a good idea?"

The struggle for me is hard to put into words, but I'm going to try. One of the reason that I have been hesitant about blogging is that I wonder if I won't find that I like or need the affirmation of others too much. There is something so vulnerable and yet slightly cheeky about writing something down and then "sharing" it with people who "follow yo…

Tenacious Faith

The concept of faith is a tricky one.

The idea of blindly putting my trust in someone or something, knowing I have zero control -- well, that can be difficult.

Maybe it's because it runs counter to the good ol' American philosophy of not being beholdin' to anyone. Or, it could be that making things happen by our own efforts and the sheer will of pulling up on those boot straps, is ingrained in us from a young age. Whatever the reason, surrendering control can be a painful pill to swallow.

I re-learned this lesson in a major way recently. (And I say re-learn because even though I believe that God will "work all things together for my good," the practical application often tests that belief.)

It all started with a tanzanite ring.

My husband of 11 years wisely heeded my hints (okay straight out blatant requests) to buy a particular tanzanite ring that I had my heart set upon at Zales. It was just what I had been looking for since returning from a trip of a lifet…

Going Back to Basics

If there is one thing I've learned in these 36 years of my life, it's that going back to the basics is always a good idea. Technology, customs and lifestyles change so quickly and move so fast, that one day you sort of wake up and become aware of how far you've come from ideals that you once valued.

This is how I feel about what's going on with the state of food in our country. When I became a mom, I did what many moms do. We protect our little cub. We go into hyper-protective mode and make sure all the crib bedding, clothing, furniture, car seats and strollers are the safest they can be. We feel the immense responsiblity of this little life and we take that responsibility seriously.  And when they start to eat what we eat...then we want to do the same. All of a sudden, how milk and meat is processed becomes of utmost interest. We read labels and wonder what words like "hydrogenated" and "trans-fats" mean and how we can avoid them.

Unfortunately, I…