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Please Stand By...

I'm back!!!

I'm sure most of of you (all of you?) are thinking, "where did she go?"

My blog site has been down for almost two weeks.


It was a few days before I realized that what I thought I had done to "auto renew" my domain name did not work (it disappeared from the internet!) and then it took a few more days of trying to figure out how to get it back online and failing before I contacted Google.

Then it took a few more days to get the answer I needed and then a few minutes ago, I was in and....voila! My blog site is back in business so to speak.

What I did not anticipate during this process was how much I would miss it.

It's not that I have been particularly faithful about consistent posting. It's not even that I have a horde of faithful followers (except you, Mom! I see you out there!) who have been filling my inbox desperate for my return. It's not that I am changing lives....

...or am I?

What I have realized over the last two weeks is h…