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The Myth of the Generational Curse

I get so excited these days when I see a blog post or article that echoes the very thing that I have been working through in my mind and heart.

One of the latest things I have been chewing on is the concept of "generational curses" and whether or not they pertain to us today.

I have grown up in the church hearing about generational curses now and then. I have heard several people talk about how their family has suffered under it, and more recently, was part of a prayer team where one member went through several generations of the prayer receipient and prayed off curses from each one.

It left me a bit perplexed because the journey I have been walking this past year has opened my eyes to some pretty radical and amazing realities.

Because of what Jesus did on the cross, we do not live under a curse.

But we can choose to live cursed.

Before we unpack that, let's talk about the verses in the Old Testament that people refer to when they speak of generational curses.

Jonathan …