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Dream Saga Series: In the Fullness of Time

Timing is everything. That phrase is something I've heard my entire life and after the last few months, I firmly believe it.  For those who are following along with our journey to our "new, old farmhouse," it's been quite the ride, which you can read about here . This last week or so has been a flurry of getting keys, driving out to the farmhouse from my parent's house (about 1/2 hour each way) and dropping off things, ripping out carpet and finding beautiful hardwood floors... Our buried treasure under old carpet (some 70+ years!) ...which then required hours of pulling up carpet, levering up tack board and approximately 1000 carpet staples, and then yesterday, my husband used a drum sander on about 3/4 of the 1200 sq. ft. of flooring we have to do. What was in the we had an inkling of what could be. Before we can refinish, we had to pull up lots of tack strip and staples. Lots. The machine Rylie was attached to

When It All Sounds Good in Theory....Part Deux

Last time I left off, we were on the road to Portland to see Rylie's brother and family. However, there was one little problem. Or a lot of them. Lice. Infestation 2014 up in their business. Given the choice to delay our trip up and avoid exposing ourselves to it, we opted to switch our visits around and instead drive the hour to Cave Junction and stay with Rylie's dad for a few days. Which was a good call because by then, I was headed to Sickville fast. When we pulled out from Michelle's, I got in the very back seat with a pillow and a blanket and passed out. I woke up when we arrived at my father-in-law's place and pulled it together enough to help get the trailer set up (faster the second time around), and then go into town with everyone for Wild River's taco pizza goodness. However, half a box of tissues later, I was ready for bed and when the morning of July 4th dawned the next day, I "independently" realized that I couldn't get out of be

When It All Sounds Good in Theory...

*I wrote the words below in the middle of the night almost two weeks ago, intending to chronicle the move out of our house and "epic summer adventure" for posterity. But unfortunately, this was as far as I got sitting in front of Circle K before I spilled my coffee and had a 3 a.m. date with a friend.  Rather than delete it or let it sit in drafts, I think I'll publish it anyway. Enjoy.* -- Sometimes it all sounds great in theory...but reality tells another tale. What a week. I never want a repeat of it again. I never want to move again. I never want to simultaneously move out a house and move my stuff into storage, pack up and send off two kids for summer camp, pack up everyone for a three week camping adventure, and then take off 24 hours later for another state. Definitely not doing that ever again. It sounded good on paper. My morning journaling was loving the idea of being free of "stuff" for several weeks as we are in