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The Profound Joy of Contentment

Well, it's been a crazy couple of weeks. We've been on two separate vacations, creating mountains of laundry and things that haven't been fully put away yet. In between that, I have helped my friend start and launch a cake business (I'm a part owner) and there has been untold hours of work that I've put in...long days and long the midst of those vacations and other obligations. In addition, my husband starts back to work tomorrow (he's a teacher) and I have a week of the kids on my own before school starts back up for them. Simply put, there is still much to be done and I'm exhausted. I have had to let some things fall by the wayside: I have not updated my blog in forever; I have totally neglected to post any bargains or deals, nor have I had the energy, time or inclination to scout them out; My house is a whirlwind of disastrous proportions; My intent of learning how to play my guitar has remained an intention. And, I've been so worn ou