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What in the...

You know you've said it.  One day, you're moving through life as your normally do, when all of a sudden something come flying out of nowhere  -- could be an unforeseen occurrence, unexpected idea, or an actual object -- and your immediate reaction is, "What in the world???" This frequently happens to me. And I know that I have been known to cause others to exclaim this question...and recently. Our seemingly "out of the blue" transition to home school has left many of our family and friends scratching their heads and saying, "what just happened?" We've maybe not done the best job of laying the groundwork to guide everyone through our thought process over the last few months (and some of you are maybe raising an eyebrow and saying, "months?? How come we haven't heard a thing about this then if it's been months??") and making the journey of how we got here more public or understood. The answer is, that it ha

The More Things Change...

The view from the school's playground...gorgeous rolling hill, cloud-puffed sky.. "The more things change, the more they stay the same." This phrase has been running through and jumping over hurdles in my brain the last few weeks (and maybe months) as I've perceived a shift in our culture -- and particularly my own life and choices -- to re-learn and resurrect so many of the "old ways and traditions" of doing things...from cooking, "home-making," crafting, minding our finances, etc. (I blogged about this topic too -- if you are interested.) I honestly do think that much of it can be attributed to the economic downturn and people needing to make some serious lifestyle changes. However, I really do think that there is a hunger for our history and collective past -- a nostalgia of sorts for another time where people were content with less and seemed to live fuller. Sidenote: In case you've ever wondered, that quote is attributed to


Embark . It's a word that never fails to thrill me. For as long as I can remember, I have been afflicted with wanderlust. Whenever I'm outdoors and a plane flies over head and contrails paint the sky, I cannot help but wonder where those lucky souls are bound for and wish that I were up there among them. An explorer at heart, I long to take wing and fly to cities, states, and countries unknown. The world is a vast expanse to explore and get lost in. I have been blessed to have done a fair amount of traveling in my 38 years; I've even been able to put down stakes and live in two foreign countries for a significant amount of time. I wouldn't trade these sights, smells, tastes for anything. They have made me a wiser, deeper, kinder person. I know that as long as our bank balance and my body and current stage allows, I will always say yes to Going. To traveling. But embarking on a new venture in my life? One fraught with unknowns and little people who will be

Be still...

This verse splashed upon my mind today in a symphony of color. Although I have yet to hear the audible voice of God, I feel like he painted this onto my brain today -- a little love message from Him to me. See...this week is a tough one. Every year I help organize an event that our church sponsors to provide young children with warm jackets, diaper, wipes, food and more. Every year I am so blessed to see that children and families so happy and grateful for such small gifts. But every year, I get so inundated with the process and all the event coordination leading up to the big day, that I feel overwhelmed, stressed and tired. This year was no different. The event is Saturday, so yesterday as I started to look at the multitude of tasks ahead of me, I freaked out a little. Adding in some general busyness on our holiday day off, and it all led to a massive migraine by the afternoon. Last night, I went to the church for our worship team practice and asked for prayer. I asked

The Return of the Homemaker

There's something in the air....something that's been coming on slowly the last few years, but's existence is undeniable. It's....the Return of the Homemaker! Oh, the homemaker has always been around. But over the last thirty or more years, the occupational status has really taken a hit on the cool quotient. Once women were "liberated" from the home and entered the work place in droves, the notion of staying home to be a house wife and raise the children as a sole occupation suffered from the "lame factor."  Women wanted "it all" -- a career/life outside of the tiny four walls of their home and escape from the drudgery and day to day of housework, meal planning, sewing, cooking, shopping and other "wifely duties." However, "wifely duties" still needed to get done, so it became more about "the balancing act" and fulfilling all the various obligations that the average woman had

Never Say Never

...okay...truthfully...does anyone not have that Justin Bieber song running through their head after reading that title? We probably listened to it at least 20 times in a row when my girls first stumbled upon it. It may be a "tween song," but it may or may not have ended up on my running mix and may or may not have encouraged me to pick it up a few times when I got discouraged or wondered what I was doing out there on the trail. Never say never. It's a good thought... Although, as a parody of "The Bieb's" smash hit would say,or sing), once you've sung that song in it's entirety, then...well, you've said the word " never " about 50 times! I'd like to think that this credo is something that I hold to in my everyday life. However, I know full well that there are plenty of things I've been quick to say "never" about. - Eating blow-fish, or any kind of fish - Going on the show Wife Swap - Touching a snak