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Switchback Life

This idyllic slice of Oregon paradise is deceptive as some things of beauty can be. Sure, it looks peaceful. It looks leisurely and tranquil enough to quiet the hormone-raging mother of a new infant standing out of frame. But what you don't see in this photo was the real killer of this beautiful locale. The switchbacks. Pretend this is Google Earth and that you can zoom back about 15 feet and then orient to the left and up a bit...and there you would see it. The quaint stone path makes a pretty decent curve along the bottom part of this photo and sharply angles up the hill in a series of switchbacks that takes you back up to the cozy lodge above waiting with warm beverages and a comfy chair for a soft body still recovering from pregnancy and labor. What seemed to be an endless series of upward leading paths was really not that bad, I know. I know that with my child-bearing days behind me and a less of that soft body, I could book right up those couple of graded