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ADHD is Not Going to Win...

It's been awhile since I posted. One of my most recent posts was " Switchback Life " where I wrote about the journey that we were undertaking in getting our second daughter diagnosed for suspected ADHD or Dyslexia. At that time, it seemed like a truly insurmountable task, but I knew that it was a journey that I needed to embark upon and with haste. So, I summoned up my inner Mama Bear and and waded through the morass of figuring out where we should go and how much it would cost us, etc. Surprisingly, after all my prevaricating and procrastinating, it only took two phone calls, a Google search and a post on a Facebook group wall. Armed with a few names of local neuro-psychologists who were deemed "amazing," I called our insurance and was told that while our health insurance didn't cover testing, the mental health component of it did. So, I called them next and was given two names/choices and told that we had 48 visits per calendar year at $10 per