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Living well is....well, a lot of fun!

This photo represents some of my favorite things: a table, coffee, good company, and sharing tips and information. Although this happens fairly frequently in my home, yesterday was the first time I have had an "official" gathering to discuss wellness. And it happened courtesty of wellness cheerleader, Katie Wells, of the popular blogsite, Wellness Mama . Like Katie, I have been on my own journey to wellness for my family for many years, and have been following her blogsite for the last several. We have been making gradual changes to limit our usage of chemicals in our cleaning and personal products, our use of plastics and make changes to more natural eating habits. Moving out of the city to a few acres has allowed us to eat fresh eggs from our own chickens, consume goat milk from our own goats and harvest our own fruit from our orchard. However, we are not where I would like to be in terms of our eating practices so when I saw that Katie was publishing a