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On Being Full-Strength

Coffee is one of my best friends. Being a homeschool mom of 4 and trying to keep up with them, their schoolwork and our new farmhouse keeps me on my toes. And it keeps me coming back to the coffee pot. Every morning, making some coffee is usually one of my first waking thoughts. I must have been especially tired the other day. I staggered into the kitchen and filled the carafe with water and cleaned up the sink area while it brewed. I added some cream and caramel-flavored syrup to my favorite yellow cup. I poured in some delicious brown elixir distractedly and then sipped. Something was wrong. It didn't taste right. It tasted like milky caramelly water. And then I realized I forgot one crucial and important step. I forgot to change out the coffee grounds and I had brewed a "fresh pot" with yesterday's filter and grounds. It was not what I had eagerly anticipated. It was a disappointment, frankly. I poured the watery stuff down the sink and