Self on the Shelf: Joyeaux Noel

The launch of the inaugural "Shelf on the Shelf" a.k.a., Giving Elves, went great today.

The children were surprised to see the elves on the kitchen table today and eagerly read their letter of introduction and request to have them give the elves names.

And so they got down to business and created a brainstorming session and then a democratic voting process for each child to submit their choice.

And it was voted that "Joy" (my fave and fitting after my post yesterday) and "Noel" were the winners (although "Minty" came in a strong third).

We did a very "holiday thing" afterwards by making crock pot hot chocolate and as the normal bickering ensued, I was able to point back to the letter about how "words and names are important" and can give life or death.

After my post last night about my this "Christmas Giving Project," I received a couple requests for my letter and my expanding list of giving ideas/activities.

I am sharing them here for anyone who would like to see and use them. Feel free to modify as you need.

Here are a few of them just so you can get an idea of what I'm thinking:

  • Rake leaves for someone
  • Spend more time thinking of what to give rather than what you want to receive
  • Do someone else's chore for them
  • Let someone else be first

It's really only limited by your imagination and your family dynamics and situation. I'd love to hear your ideas as well, so please comment below if you have something to add.

I just finished up the tableau for tomorrow morning.

Pipe cleaners and feathers work well for brooms and feather dusters

I just spent some time working with my kids' art supplies to make a broom and feather duster. I didn't count on this being so fun...for me!



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