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We're All Refugees

I know you are horrified by the recent attacks in Paris. I'm horrified too. I know you are fearful of something similar happening in your country (and maybe not for the first time). I have that fear too. I know that many people are experiencing the gut-reaction of being emotionally kicked in the stomach. You want to curl into a ball and ward off the pain. You want to hold out your hands in protest to make it stop. To cease. To go back to the way things were. I know that feeling too. And yes, I have seen the posts and blogs and "news reports" that are angry, up-in-arms, full of national kick-butt-ary:  "heck no, you can't come here and no one wants you so just go back to your own country and get what you deserve for being born into your cultural group." In the natural, I have felt that way too. But I'm not called to live in the natural. I'm called to live out of the nature of Christ. And I feel this rising up in that sup