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Country Bliss

Today was an idyllic day out on the farm. It had the potential to be a heart-breaker when we first arrived home after a full day of enrichment classes in town. I drove around our oval driveway to my spot in front of the house and did a double take when I realized that I was looking at goats feasting on weedy goodness in front of me. Meaning...they weren't nestled safely away in their enclosure. Meaning, who knows when they got out, how they got out and how long they had been wandering. While I was thankful that they were still alive and not goat roadkill (we have no fence around our property...yet), my first thought after was for our poor surviving seven chickens. As I posted on Saturday , we are down by three after discovering that our youngest dog (a stray we brought back from a death by Parvo and adopted) was indeed getting into the enclosure and killing our chickens. While we did our best to secure the area around the enclosure to keep him from being a