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The Practice of Love

Image source: I was so excited to walk by the Target Dollar Spot the other day and spy these mailboxes. I know that I have bought them before. Where they went is anyone's guess. But this year...this year of " Being Resolute " and of my " Fab4D " birthday, I decided that I wanted to do something I'd been mulling over a lot. Being more purposefully in loving on my kids and having them love on each other throughout our homeschool day. However, the store I was at only had three colors (apparently there is a robin egg blue out there somewhere), so I opted to get one red, one pink and two white ones for my kids. I brought them home and set them on the counter and then forgot about them. However, the kids did not. They noticed them. What are these?   What are we going to do with them?  Which one is mine? That last one was a good question because I had thrown a confusing wrench in our home and homeschool organizing system by br

The Beauty in the Crumpled

Much like my relationship with To-Do Lists and checkboxes , I have a similar sort of love/hate relationship with day planners. I love the smell of a new unspoiled planner. Oh, the possibilities of days of accomplishments, coffee dates and wild dreams for the future. However, the reality of actually filling in those squares and lines with appointments and tasks (and better yet, checking them off as completed) can be daunting sometimes. Which is why I was either brilliant or crazy when I decided that the best way to motivate myself to get up earlier in the mornings and carve out a devotional life would be to buy a day planner that would give me one page for each day.   So, I took myself off to Walmart and bought the only thing that fit the bill. Fortunately, at $12, it was a good deal. Unfortunately , it was pretty ugly with its black plastic covers. My idea was that the thought of that empty and pristine page just sitting there eagerly awaiting my pen and insigh