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Fab '4D'!

4D. That's four...count 'em 4 decades! Forty years on this earth is nothing to sneeze at. I think most people would agree that this is the "halfway point" for life expectancy these days. Maybe more, or maybe less. But it feels about right. I used to think 40 was ancient. And then I turned 30 and 35 and then 39. Now that I'm on the brink of turning that BIG number, it feels like I blinked my eyes and here I am. When I reach back into my memories to my earliest days and then take a saunter along the years, it does feel like I have done a lot of living. Graduations, moves, marriage, babies, grief and loss, travel, mortgage, career paths, epic friendship...I've packed a lot in these last four decades. When I string it out like that, then 40 looms as significant. But it unlike the 20 year old version of myself, I no longer think that it's ancient. Over. Washed up. Finito. Over. the. hill. If anything, I feel like at 40, I'm just final