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Ticket to Ride: The Roller Coaster of Faith

The trust saga continues. I have been raving for two years now about the amazingness of Ann Voskamp's book, One Thousand Gifts . I read it with my book club over several months and I thought that its message of gratitude and finding the joy in the ugly beautiful had oozed into every pore of my dry little heart. I thought wrong. It only took a revisit to the topic in our weekly Bible Study (this time with the video series along with the book), a roller coaster ride through a tumultuous situation, and a revealing text conversation with one of my kindreds, Sarah, to shine the light on my ignorance. I would like to think that I "live what I believe." Yes...I would love to think that. But what I have come to see in the last two weeks is that it's much easier to spout off a philosophy than to actually live it out. When push comes to shove, or that roller coaster screams through the station and goes around for yet another lap, I am finding what I truly bel

The Folly of "My Idea" and The Abundance of His Grace

Sometimes I am really slow to get it. After 40 years on this planet, I still marvel at my sheer ignorance in the ways of God. A thousand lifetimes devoted to the study and devotion of Him and His ways would never come close to fully revealing the mystery and depth of who He is. At least I got that part right. But so often I miss what is so glaring obvious to me this morning as I sip my coffee before the sun is up -- yes, me...the non-morning person. (Apparently God is answering my half-joking prayer that He would make me a morning person in 2014. But that's another story...) What I am marveling over today is the divine comedy and utter folly of attempting to claim ideas as my own -- when clearly God has inspired them for such a time as this. Specifically, I am referring to "my" wonderful idea to purchase a day planner in January as a way to motivate me to get up in the morning to spend some quality time with God, and fill in the page allotted to each day w