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Who Says..?

I was out in our garden earlier this evening (which is looking fabulous, by the way). While I was watering and fussing with the tomato plants (training those branches through the tomato cages is tricky work sometimes), I started thinking about Selena Gomez. I know that's a big mental leap to take, but I'll help you make the arc over safely. The reason I was thinking about Selena Gomez had nothing to do about her Disney show, Wizards of Waverly Place. Rather, I was thinking of her song, "Who Says " that I heard a few weeks ago and immediately downloaded for my running mix...ahem, I mean for the kids. Anyway, this poppy and sugary song has a delightful hook that sucks you right in as she croons, "Who says...who says you're not perfect...who says you're not worth it...etc. You get the idea. Even her rapid-fire, "na na na na na's will suck you in....I kid you not. Even Rylie who rolled his eyebrows on his first listen eventually got taken in on

No Man Knows

I'm just plain dumbfounded today. Admittedly, I'm not as dialed into current events as I probably should be as a contributing part of society and our culture. I don't wake up and turn on the morning news. We don't subscribe to the local newspaper. I'm lucky if I can read my email some days -- responding to it is another matter entirely. So, it's not really a surprise, I guess, that I have not been really following the predicted Apocalypse for today, May 21st. I heard a murmur or two about it earlier in the week from a friend. But, it seems like there is always someone hailing the end of the world and claiming to know exactly when it it will occur. So, I didn't give it much thought. However, it's become more and more pervasive in postings on Facebook ('s sad that I get my "news" from Facebook, I know) and "on the street," so I thought I would just take a gander at Yahoo News and see what all the fuss is about. I am

The Best Mom Ever

My mom on the Disneyland carousel. 2009. My mom turns 60 tomorrow. That's a pretty big number. Yes, it's a lot of years. She'd be the first to admit to that....hence her reluctance to "celebrate" this year on her birthday. But, it's also weighty. Full of signifance. Heavy with memories. Pungent with dreams realized and hopes placed to the side. Today my mom attended the funeral of an older woman from our church. When we spoke on the phone afterwards, she told me that she learned so much about this lady at her funeral. And how much she wished she had known these things when she was alive -- what amazing things they had in common. I've always thought it was a terrible shame that so much of what people truly think and feel about a person isn't shared until a funeral. Wouldn't it be preferable to hear those funny anecdotes and heart-warming tales people have to share about you when you're living, rather than watching it from a box seat from