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Garden state...update

My garden is growing! I haven't been very good at consistently posting blogs in general and I've been really bad at posting about how the garden is growing since I planted it (and blogged about it ) in April. But, rest assurred, it's been growing...well, like a weed...or a shrub. Anyhow, it's growing. And so has my knowledge of growing and maintaining things. Some pretty amazing and well-seasoned gardening friends have poured their expertise and experience into me and thus, I feel pretty confident about what I'm doing..or at the very least, I have people to turn to should I run into any trouble.  As a refresher, this is what my garden looked like on planting day 4/6.  And here's what it looked like on 5/21.  And here's what it looks like today, 6/11.  Isn't it crazy how much it's all grown?  This last week was the beginning of our first real harvest. I've cut some herbs from the garden but since those continuously produce, I don't real