Be Resolute

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For the last several years, I have shied away from making New Year's resolutions.

To be honest, I think that I was tired of all the resolutions I have made over the years and then failed to keep. And worse, when I have actually writen them down (gasp!) and then failed to achieve a single one, I then have a permanent record of said failure.

Hmmm..maybe that's also why I stopped journaling somewhere along the way.

It can be tiring battling against habits that have been firmly entrenched in our daily lives. All too often, it is simply easier to stop fighting and just "go with the flow."

Even if that flow is leading us to a Niagara-sized waterfall drop. Turning and trying to paddle upstream or over to another tributary feels like it will just take too much sustained energy.

And so we just give up.

Maybe it's my year of "Fab4D" that gotten me excited and motivated again about setting goals. After all, I have come up with quite the list and in a few short months, I have powered through half of them.

Maybe it has something to do with creating goals and resolutions in September rather than the daunting date of January 1st that often creates so much anxiety.

Maybe it's less to do with willpower and more about resetting and reshaping that will.

If there is anything that I have discovered over the last few years about myself is that if I am truly determined to do something, I will pretty much die trying to get it done.

There is a word for this phenomena.

  1. 1.
    admirably purposeful, determined, and unwavering."she was resolute and unswerving"
    single-minded, firm, unswerving, unwavering, steadfast, staunch
    stalwart, unfaltering, unhesitating, persistent, indefatigable,
    tenacious, strong-willed, unshakable, stubborn, dogged
    obstinate, obdurate, inflexible, intransigent, implacable,
    unyielding, unrelenting; spirited, brave, bold, courageous
  2.      plucky, indomitable; informal, gutsy, spunky, feisty

As I read the definition above, my smile got bigger and bigger with each synonym.

Plucky. Dogged. Stalwart. Unwavering. Stubborn.


This word doesn't get much use in our day to day life, but it has christened a ship, a bay in the Arctic and a famous White House desk.

I like the word. A lot.

I like the way it rolls on my tongue and ends in a firm uncompromising ending.


I like it in the way that I like how the activity of running demonstrates my ability to be disciplined in its best state. 

I tell my body what to do, not the other way around. When I recently trained for a half-marathon, I was resolute in my pursuit for a new personal record.

And I got that PR!

Maybe it's not so much about the list of "personal improvements" that we feel compelled to make every year (or not). Maybe it's more about taking that list to God and asking for His input. Who knows, He may cross off number two and move number six to the number one position. 

And maybe, just maybe He might say, "I love you whether you achieve this list or not. In fact, I love you as much as I ever will in this very moment of your fear of failure."

I'm pretty convinced that He will say, "My child, remember that you can do all things through Me, who is the one who gives you the strength." (Phil 4:13)

And I think that's the key. 

All those years, I tried to cross things off of list in my own strength. Not His strength. And I am not sure I consulted Him on that list in the first place.

This year is going to be different.

I am going to actually put pen to paper once again and dream and make it official. But I am going to do less of the goals that have to do with me and my needs/wants/dreams, and more that have to do with helping and serving others. (Here are some tools that I am planning to use.)

As I look through the list of synonyms again, I am reminded that none of them promise an outcome. None of them guarantee that if you are tenaciousimplacable, firm and persistent, that you will get everything you set out to achieve.

The truth is that the outcome is out of our hands. 

We cannot control fiscal failures, health crises, natural disasters and so much more more about this life.

But we can firmly and resolutely take control of our hearts and minds and point them towards the direction that brings love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, self-control, goodness, gentleness and faithfulness. (Galatians 5:22-23)

These are resolutions that God can and will get behind. And with Him, all things (even losing those stubborn 10 lbs, and forgiving that one family member, and learning that new skill) are completely and entirely possible.

Be Resolute.
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