...and it is well with me

Today I had the privilege of sitting with my beautiful friend, Leah, who is literally struggling to breathe without assistance.

After some time of reading together, and listening to worship music, etc, it was time for the respiratory tech to come and try taking her off the machine to allow her lungs to work on their own and work towards getting off the ventilator.

It's a struggle for her because of fluid that has built up around and in her lungs. The tech described it as trying to do a hard core work out but only being able to breathe through a straw.

As you can imagine, facing this, Leah was a bit nervous. But determined. So determined.

As we waited for the tubes to be unplugged and for the test to begin, this song came on and I got to witness what was one of the most beautiful moments I have had the pleasure to see firsthand.

I have a special handful that I keep close to my heart and I bring these mental snapshots out from time to time and reminisce and rejoice over them. This one joins them.

Let me see if I can paint the picture for you...

As we both sat there waiting, I reached over and somehow stumbled upon this song ...and by "stumbled," I mean God found it for us. (I encourage you to play it and listen as you continue to read and then you'll have the full picture of this moment....)

...this beautiful moment where my friend lay in a hospital bed with myriad tubes and monitors connected to her precious body.

This moment of bravery as she prepared to do battle with her lungs.

This moment where more than anything she just want to be done already and home with her boys.

This is the moment my beautiful friend with a beautiful voice -- a voice that has been temporarily silenced, looked at me and made a heart with her two hands (she loves this song!) and then lifted her hand toward heaven and used it to pass back and forth across her body in worship.

This was a moment where the ugly beautiful of this life pierced my heart. Because if anyone has a reason to rage and complain, it's her. Instead, she chose to lift her hand and "sing,"

"through it all, through it all, my eyes are on you,
and through it all...it is well,
through it all, through it all, my eyes are one you,
and it is well with me"

And yes, I cried those tears...those tears that just leak out of our humanly fragile eyes that are part sorrow, but mostly full of awe at the grace of God for a beautifully profound moment.

I cried for Leah. I cried me for me. I cried because no matter if it's a hospital bed or a bed of depression, an empty bank account or an empty home, the truth is....it is well.

It absolutely is.


Leah...you will never know how much that moment touched my soul and how much I love and admire your tenacity of faith and spirit. "This mountain that is in front of you WILL be thrown into the midst of the sea!" I know that as you continue to plant your feet and stand on Christ the Rock, He will resurrect your very breath. And I believe that one day, not too far away, you will STAND and you will SING this song with your breath and lungs. I just want to be there when you do!

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