Be still...

This verse splashed upon my mind today in a symphony of color.

Although I have yet to hear the audible voice of God, I feel like he painted this onto my brain today -- a little love message from Him to me.

See...this week is a tough one.

Every year I help organize an event that our church sponsors to provide young children with warm jackets, diaper, wipes, food and more. Every year I am so blessed to see that children and families so happy and grateful for such small gifts. But every year, I get so inundated with the process and all the event coordination leading up to the big day, that I feel overwhelmed, stressed and tired.

This year was no different. The event is Saturday, so yesterday as I started to look at the multitude of tasks ahead of me, I freaked out a little. Adding in some general busyness on our holiday day off, and it all led to a massive migraine by the afternoon.

Last night, I went to the church for our worship team practice and asked for prayer. I asked that not only would God ease the pounding in my head, but that he would orchestrate all the pieces that needed moving and putting into place. I didn't want to run around like a crazy person trying to "do it all" -- simply because there was just too much to be done to do it gracefully and in addition to all the "other stuff" I need to do in my daily life and a mother, wife, friend, etc.

So, I let it go. My migraine faded and as I went to sleep last night, I asked for a fresh new day of no migraine and a better attitude.

Today I woke up free of pain and ready to go. As the day has progressed, several "maybes" regarding whether something can be ready/available/handy for Saturday became "yes." Other worries and concerns I had were replaced with concrete information -- and of the positive variety. Basically...everything is "working out."

I had to laugh as I typed out a status update on Facebook to that effect and then my friend who works at our church and is helping me with some of the details posted that another maybe was a yes.


And then...that's when I heard God speak this verse found in Psalm 46:10 into my spirit...

"Be still and know that I am God."

Silly me...the God who spoke the universe into being can handle a few administrative tasks. He doesn't even need my help at all.

Sure...there are plenty of times that we need to do, to go, to be....we need to be active and pro-active.

But, strangely enough, when it defies all sense of what we should do, we are asked to stop the madness and...

Step away from the hustle bustle, put down the spreadsheet, walk away from your To Do list and just be...

That's it.

I love the way The Message puts it:

"Step out of the traffic! Take a long, loving look at me, your High God, above politics, above everything." 

And so, I choose to "step out of the traffic" of my busy life and the gridlock of my brain. I choose to quiet my busy mind and step aside and let God do what He does best -- clear a pathway that leads to Him.

I choose to know -- or remember -- who He is and who I am because of and through Him.

I choose to be....still....and let Him be God of my life.

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