If It's Not Broke....Do It Again!

January 1st is arguably one of the best days of the year in my book.

When the clock's hand hits 12:00 a.m., my life's book flips to a new page. It's a free do-over. A chance to try to get it right (or righter?) this time. 

It's amazing how the change of one number can hold so much promise.

As I reflect upon 2014, there has been a great amount of change. Last year, I posted on the first day of year and titled my post, Be Resolute and then set about using some tools to help me make a plan to achieve some resolutions for the year. And with God's help, we achieved some good ones:

  • I finished up my Fab4D Year of turning 40 and crossed some things off of my list.
  • I embarked upon a journey to dig in deeper with God by being purposeful to meet him every morning and to record my thoughts and what He speaks 
  • God made it possible for us to move into our dream property after years of waiting on Him
However, there were some areas that I fell short in. And many of those areas are going back on my personal resolution list for this year.

No matter if I mark my list as a success or not, I am grateful that I took the time to think through goals and intentions and make an implementation plan. Not only did it make the successes possible, it should me that I *can* set goals and achieve them.

So, this year, the items that were not done are not considered as a "fail," but more of "haven't been completed yet." And I'm perfectly fine with that.

This morning, I woke up after sleeping in after a wedding/New Year's party bash the night before ready to greet 2015.

I was so excited to pick up my Devotional Journal/Calendar for this year. I had worked hard on getting it ready a few weeks ago and it was just aching for me to write in its blank pages. I prefer this Cambridge Daily Planner that I found at Walmart. 

Once again, I covered it with duct tape to make it purty

The one I used last year is on the left. I'm sad to see her go!

Last year, I ended up using the pages to record my progress of reading the Bible daily. I have realized that I am a tactile and visual learner. So the act of inscribing notes on the page helps to seal it into my brain better than merely just reading or thinking through an idea.

About a month in, I added in the reading for the day of Jesus Calling. A little later, I added in the weekly readings from the six seasons of the Liturgy from my Mosaic Bible. And finally to dig in even deeper, in May I added in the daily devotional from Oswald Chamber's, My Utmost for His Highest. (He always requires me to use my brain a bit more when reading his work.)

Each morning that I got up and read and wrote, I felt like my very soul connected with God in a way that had been lacking.

In March, I added in the discipline of doing "morning pages" from The Artist's Way and that provided a needed outlet for journaling and priming the pump for creative writing.

Also, since there is only half page for Saturday and Sunday, I used that page to frequently paste in the sermon notes from church for that week. Another win!


So this year, I am going to stick with what worked. After all, I didn't hit every day of Jesus Calling or My Utmost for His Highest. But I am going to keep my eye out for another daily devotional to perhaps replace Jesus Calling at some point (to keep things fresh).

Also, to get a fresh take on reading my Bible, I am going to follow the Daily Walk Bible reading schedule and read some of the Old Testament, New Testament and Psalms/Poetic books together in one sitting this time around. Already today I feel like reading Genesis 1, Psalm 1 and Matthew 1 was insightful in bringing things together.

However, if you cannot buy the Bible, you can do it yourself by following along in this guide below. Simply click on the photo and print it off or save it to Pinterest.

Front Page (January - June)

Back Page (July - December)

In addition to being a great place to record my devotional map and thoughts (and yes, I have printed and pasted in the above reading guide), my planner is a great place to also...plan. With the month at a glance pages and additional pages in the back, I can pencil in my personal calendar as well as some other tools to keep me on track. 

Already pasted in the back is Ann Voskamp's free daily planner sheet guide that I scanned in and included below. (I couldn't get her template to save, so I wrote it in myself.) I hope to start each morning by filling one of these out to keep me on track and on target.

Also pasted in my planner in the back is Voskamp's Sanity Manifesto for the new year. I printed another out on cardstock and will hang it some place I will see often during the day.

I also intend to use her suggestions (in the link above) as to how to have more intentional peaceful moments during my day.

And while I am not necessarily going to log my physical goals in my planner, I did download the My Fitness Pal app and it is already showing me how I can tighten up my caloric intake by being more mindful of what I put in my mouth. Plus the barcode scanning feature makes it an easy peasy tool!

Likewise, getting our debt paid off and our finances under strict control is another goal for 2015 and these free templates a friend uses (and are awesome) will help.

I do recognize that my goals and processes will be different from yours, it has been so helpful to take the time to sit, reflect, plan and project for a new year. Last year I used another blogger's idea as a guide in separating out my goals in specific areas with specific ways to achieve those goals (a very important part of the equation). They include these five areas:

  • Physical
  • Mental
  • Spiritual
  • Financial
  • Relational (I added this one)
  • Fun/Adventuring

 After 2015 is 365 days long. Surely we can all afford half of one of those days to make it amazing.

Have a plan in place? I'd love to hear it if you would be so kind to share in the comments below. 

And if you want to follow my own personal Soul Dare to dig deeper, go further, and love richer this year, please follow me here on Facebook. (One of my goals is to post every something every weekday that correlates to what I read each morning for the month of January.)

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