Money Monday: Getting Creative

So, if you follow my Money Monday posts, you might have noticed that last Monday, I went AWOL. I went out of town over the weekend (and yes, I made up the FPU video I missed), and brought back the stomach flu. It took me (and select members of the family) until Friday to feel normal. So, I figured I would give myself a free pass and then make next week's post a double-header with last night's class and then the final session of this course.

My awesome news for this week...although my FREE coffee streak came to an end (I'm not complaining because that 6 or so weeks of constant freebies was awesome!), I hit a new one! Somehow I started on a streak of getting free offers at the bottom or store receipts for completing surveys. In one week I received either free items or a $ off discount to:

- Starbucks - free tall beverage
- Old Navy - save 15%
- Panda Express - free entree (I ended up with 4 of these total due to how the week went)
- Baja Fresh - save 15%

And yes, I ate out a lot more than usual due to that out of town trip, but I almost got some sort of offer for every purchase I was funny. So...just a reminder to check your receipts for goodies.

Back to our regularly-scheduled programming....

Over the Mondays, I'm sure you've noticed the different photos of piggy banks at the top of each blog post. I ran across this one last week when I was trying to purchase some items online for Christmas gifts. This Fuzzy Piggy Bank is also a DIY craft project where your child can decorate her own bank.

I like the idea of personalization.

I get a bit of ribbing from time to time about my love of labeling items with my label maker and slapping names on everything from appliances (literally slapping on a vinyl sticker) to my children's clothing. Part of it is that they have fairly uncommon names, but part of it is that I've always like both the idea of marking something as mine (all those who siblings out there know what I mean), and also the idea of identifying myself as someone or something.

In short, I want to be my own person.

To make my own decisions.

To tailor programs/concept/notions/rules so that it fits me and my family.

So, I appreciate the freedom within Financial Peace to customize it for our family and our unique needs and desires.

This goes along perfectly with last weeks's lesson -- Working In Your Strengths: Careers and Extra Jobs.

Ramsey shared some things that many of us know, but often forget when it comes to thinking about jobs/careers. He pointed out that as career coach, Dan Miller says, "money is ultimately never enough compensation for doing a job."

So, choosing a career path that offers "stability" or a "large salary," is a logical decision, it doesn't mean it's a practical or smart one. Because if you don't enjoy what you do, you will suffer in other ways that don't have anything to do with money. Worse -- you can burn out and lose that "job security" that you so desperately sought in the first place.

I liked these common myths identified by speaker and author, Marcus Buckingham, that often rob people of having fulfillment and enjoyment in their jobs/careers.

Myth: As you grow, you change.
Truth: You do not outgrow your personality.

Myth: You will learn and grow the most in the areas in which you are weakest.
Truth: You grow in your strengths. You will grow the most in areas you already know and love most.

We then learned about how to identify our motivations and passions and even learned about about the DISC Personality Profile -- both useful in helping to identify target careers.

After that, we went through Ramsey's recommendations on the best way to set about getting your dream job (I highly recommend sitting in on this class for these great tips!)

After you have your dream job, you might still have to consider the idea of working overtime or an extra job to get that debt paid down with "gazelle intensity." He reminded us that the short-term challenge of working an extra job (more time away from home/family, fatigue, etc.) will be well-worth the sacrifice as you see that debt steadily decreasing. He also challenged us to be creative in ways to earn extra income (Ebay, taking your skills online for tele-teaching or other sort of web-based jobs, etc.)

I'm still trying to figure out how to make my love of writing pay some bills -- but I am intent on continuing to try to make that happen. Until then, I'll keep looking around the house for something to sell!

What about you?

**If you are looking to take your own FPU class, you can sign up online and if you want to take the one that my husband and I are going to facilitate, go here!


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